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Getting into bed is one of the best feelings in the world. Our organic wool comforters come in a variety of weights so that you can sleep comfortably 365 nights a year.

Starting at $369 USD

Medium Weight Comforter

Medium Weight Comforter

Starting at $459 USD
The Midweight comforter is perfect for colder nights. It’s filled with 350g of pure organic wool per square meter. Layer it with our lightweight comforter for extra warmth and comfort.
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Lightweight Summer Comforter

Lightweight Summer Comforter

Starting at $369 USD
The Lightweight Comforter is our thinnest and most lightweight comforter. With its 175g of pure organic wool per square meter, it helps you sleep comfortably and keeps you cool and dry on warm summer nights.
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  • Organic Wool

  • Organic Cotton

  • Made in Canada

  • Sustainable

  • Year-Round Comfort

    Our comforters are made from temperature-regulating organic materials that let you sleep comfortably, no matter what.

  • Seasonal Adaptation

    Thanks to the comforter’s breathability, you can keep cool on summer nights and warm and cozy throughout the winter.

  • Customize your Comfort

    Add or remove a layer by customizing your comforter with our attachable, clippable duvets.

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