We Only Craft Products We’d Sleep On

What Quality Means to Us

Every Obasan product is handmade by a dedicated team of craftspeople. They look at every detail to ensure that it meets our exceptionally high standards. Sleep experts tailor each product precisely to your unique specifications, which is how we can provide you with the best possible sleep a bed can offer.

It Takes 15 people to Craft an Obasan Mattress

Some might call that strenuous. We call it precise. Every detail is taken into consideration and executed with care by our team. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do.

It’s a long and conscientious journey, from our partners’ farms to your home. With care, craft and a whole lot of hard work, we make products that we’re proud to sleep on.

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We Accept No Compromise

Locally made since 1985

Locally Made Since 1985

It all started with a family who believed that after a good night’s sleep, anything is possible. At the head of this clan, Jean Corriveau learned the importance of a quality bed, spending his teenage summers working at a mattress company. He spent years learning everything he could so that he could one day start his own company making beds of uncompromised quality.

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Nature’s Best

The best sleep in the world starts with the best materials in the world. Ours are always organic, ethically-sourced and create a healthy sleep environment for you and your family.

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Quality materials are sustainable materials
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