Customize Your Bed. And Your Pillow.

When it comes to custom sleep, we go all in. Using unique designs and different fillings, we’ve created 5 distinct pillows that serve every sleeping style.

  • Obasan's organic materials
    support for evry sleeper

    Support for Every Sleeper

    Everyone has a pillow preference. That’s why the firmness and thickness of our pillows is fully adjustable.

  • Obasan's organic materials
    Organic cotton

    Healthy Materials

    Whether you choose rubber or wool, our pillows are made with 100% organic materials. The most comfortable pillows you’ll ever sleep on.

  • Obasan's organic pillows
    two sided comfort pillow

    Two-Sided Comfort

    All our pillows feature varying feels and temperatures on each side - Giving you full comfort no matter the season.

Pillows for all sleep positions

Just like our beds, our pillows are crafted with your sleep position in mind. This ensures that you get optimal support, regardless of how your sleep, for lasting comfort night after night.

Organic Latex Rubber Pillow

Organic Latex Rubber Pillow

Softer - All Sleepers

Starting at $159 USD
Our #1 customer favorite product. This pillow is our most versatile and is a perfect fit for both side and back sleepers. The filling can be adjusted to you and your needs.
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Deluxe organic latex and wool pillow

Deluxe Organic Latex and Wool Pillow

Firmer - Side and Back Sleepers

Starting at $219 USD

Combining the natural temperature regulating properties of wool and the superb support of rubber, this pillow is a dream for side and back sleepers.

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obasan's wool pillow

Organic Wool Pillow

Very Firm - Stomach and Side Sleepers

Starting at $159 USD
Our organic wool pillow is our coolest and firmest pillow. The natural temperature regulating properties of wool make it ideal for hot sleepers, as well as those who prefer medium to firm support.
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Organic contour pillow

Contour Organic Shredded Rubber Pillow

Side Sleeping & Back Sleeping

Starting at $209 USD
This pillow helps to reduce the strain on your head and spine throughout the night by gently cradling the head and neck in the central dip of the pillow. The filling can be adjusted to you and your needs.
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Obasan organic Pregnancy Pillow with detachable zipper

Organic Pregnancy Pillow

Specialized, therapeutic support.

Starting at $249 USD
The Obasan Pregnancy Pillow provides you with specialized, therapeutic support for superior, restorative sleep through pregnancy and beyond.
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Obasan's organic toddler pillow

Organic Rubber Toddler Pillow

For Toddler, Online Exclusive

Starting at $89 USD
Our luxurious toddler pillow ensures your child gets proper head and neck support throughout the night in order to sleep as well as they deserve. And when they sleep, you sleep. Everybody wins.
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We stand by our products. We promise.

If 120 days after your purchase you're not completely comfortable, contact us and we'll help you get a better night's sleep.

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