Chris & Sophie

Chris and Sophie have been Obasan customers for 6 years. They’re a modern family of four who lead a very busy lifestyle. That’s why comfort was a deciding factor when they picked their mattress. With their two young kids and a hectic work schedule, a good night’s sleep is what they value most.

Sophie is an entrepreneur. She owns and runs a clothing boutique and a modeling agency in Ottawa. Her days are full but she always makes time for what’s important in life: family.

What Sophie loves about Obasan is the flexibility that allowed her to alter the comfort level of her mattress through her two pregnancies. The changing of her weight and body structure required a new kind of support, which we were able to customize to her specific needs.

Chris is a professional photographer and he owns one of the best restaurants in Ottawa. He’s always on the go. Health and wellness are two of his biggest concerns and he sleeps well knowing that Obasan shares them as well.

Knowing that his whole family, including their two toddlers Beau and Cléo, sleeps on beds that are made with chemical-free, all-natural organic materials, reassures Chris. He knows that great sleep will allow his kids to grow into great human beings.

A family-owned business that makes all of their products here in Canada is what Chris and Sophie set out to find. And with Obasan, they also found a mattress that would grow along with their own family.

Our Promise to You

Sleep soundly knowing that we'll make the perfect mattress for you. If you’re not convinced in the six months following your purchase, let us know. we won’t sleep til we get it right.

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