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Organic Mattress

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Made with nature’s finest materials

Every single Obasan organic mattress is handcrafted to the highest standards of excellence. We travel the world to locate the finest wool, cotton, rubber and wood. Always organic. Always ethically-sourced. Always comfortable.

GOLS and GOTS Certified Organic Materials' seal.

Let’s start customizing your mattress!

  • 180-day Comfort Guarantee

  • 20 year warranty

  • Multi-zone system perfect customization

We do things the way they ought to be done. Safe for you, your family, and everyone involved.

  • No flame retardants
  • No off-gassing
  • No lab-made materials
  • No chemicals
  • No harmful byproducts

Crafting the best mattresses available is only possible when you have the finest materials. That’s why we’ve traveled the world looking for the highest quality organic cotton, renewable wood, organic rubber, and organic wool for our mattresses and sleep accessories. Here are the certifications of the materials used in our mattresses: 

GOTS organic cotton

GOLS organic rubber

GOTS organic wool

Each one of our organic mattresses is custom-made  to the individual needs of your body and that of your partner’s. Using multiple zones and layers, Obasan delivers the level of support you need for your shoulders, back, hips and legs.

Why is mattress thickness so important?

It’s important to understand how your  mattress’s thickness (volume) can impact your sleep.  The thinner the mattress, the firmer and less contouring it  will be. The firmer the mattress the more pressure absorbency and softness it’ll deliver.

Your sleeping position dictates the thickness of the mattress you need. The reason? Weight distribution and spinal alignment. Stomach and back sleepers typically require thinner mattresses tomaintain spinal alignment. They tend to dip less into the mattress because a larger surface area of their bodies comes into contact with it. Side sleepers exert up to 7X more pressure on their bodies because there is less contact with the mattress. This means side sleepers need a thicker mattress for pressure relief and better spinal alignment.

8-inch organic mattress

Our entry-level mattress. It is the firmest organic mattress we have.

9-inch organic mattress

Another good option for firm mattress lovers who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

10-inch organic mattress

A higher-volume mattress. Perfect for a variety of sleep styles and for people who like more plushness.

12-inch organic mattress

The ultimate in plushness and softness. Side sleepers will appreciate the contouring, weightlessness effect of this high-volume mattress.

These product descriptions are meant as guidelines only. To get the most comfortable organic mattress tailored to you and your partner, answer just a few questions from our mattress customization tool!


Warranty Terms: First 10 years non-prorated. Second 10 years prorated from day one

For mattresses, it covers :
  • Stitches pulled out of the quilting
  • Body indentations of 1.5 inches or greater
  • Excessively lumpy feeling
  • Sagging: Your mattress must be continuously supported by a matching foundation, or equivalent, and an appropriate frame. If unsure, contact our customer service.

Comfort Guarantee

Try your bed for 180 days. If you are not completely satisfied, you benefit from a free one-time exchange of layers and support zones.

Please note: we cannot take the mattresses back for hygienic reasons. 

Please contact our Customer Service Representative for more details.