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Obasan Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

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The world’s healthiest pregnancy pillow.

The Obasan Pregnancy Pillow provides you with specialized, therapeutic support for superior, restorative sleep through pregnancy and beyond. The unique, detachable two-pillow system adapts to your changing body from the first trimester well into motherhood.

Why we made it.

Designed by osteopath and perinatal orthopaedic therapist Shauna Ironside from Healthy Mumma, the Obasan Pregnancy Pillow was developed with ergonomics, versatility, and the health of you and your baby in mind. 

The twin crescent-shaped pillows provide a therapeutic nest for full-body support while sleeping on either side. The front pillow supports your arms, belly, pelvis, hips and legs easing pelvic girdle pain, SI joint pain, sciatica and lower back pain. The back pillow offers support, pain relief and can help prevent back sleeping, which is not recommended during pregnancy.

The organic wool filling provides firm support, while the breathable organic cotton cover will keep you cool and dry. The pillow allows you to use your preferred head pillow for better sleep.

Postpartum, the twin pillows unzip from the connector panel allowing each pillow to be used independently for back support when sitting, baby support during feedings, and as a body pillow during sleep. The versatility of having two pillows that will continue to support you and your little one is unique to the Obasan Pregnancy Pillow.


  • Detachable, twin pillow design for therapeutic side sleeping
  • Versatile design for better sleep, feedings and back support
  • Free of toxic chemicals, dyes & flame retardants
  • Wool filling for firm support and breathability
  • Washable, removable covers
  • Designed by a perinatal orthopaedic therapist
GOLS and GOTS Certified Organic Materials' seal.

Ideal for

  • Pregnancy
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Medium support

Features and warranty

  • Weight: 4kg
  • 3-year limited warranty

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